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GPS mobile receiver

Suitable for outdoor use?

GPS mobile receivers are suitable for the navigation of pedestrians and cyclists. They are small and handy (size of a mobile phone), don’t need external power supply, no external aerials, are waterproof and dispose – according to model – of a battery term of about 12 hours and more. Power supply with standard batteries which can always be exchanged easily. Therefore the appliances are suitable for the navigation of many outdoor activities as hiking, trekking, cycling, riding, motorcycling and so on. In addition these extraordinary appliances are better than every pocket PC for outdoor use.


Garmin GEKO 201 without map depiction.

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Route planning

For well mapped-out navigation this device needs at least one route or waypoints. Thus the devices for pedestrians and cyclists will be comparable to car navigation systems. As a GPS mobile receiver does not plan automatically and each user – according to hobby – needs different kinds of route planning a software for route planning is necessary which supports the navigation functions of your GPS receiver. A route planning software is not part of the delivery obligations of these devices.


Garmin GPSmap 62st with map depiction.

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With or without map depiction?

You only need a GPS mobile receiver without map depiction for using the navigation functions. For devices including map depiction you need the maps and adequate software of the specific supplier which are not part of the delivery obligation of the device. Scanned maps cannot be used for devices including map depiction. The map depiction on the small display serves only for your orientation in the place and not as basis of your route planning. A well mapped-out route planning is not possible because of the small display and the extremely generalized maps for these devices.

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Garmin GEKO 201 

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Further functions and equipment

Additional equipment like supports for cycle or motorcycle handlebars is available. Furthermore all devices include complete tricomputers with up to 30 items which can be indicated as desired (according to modern cycle computers). The items are calculated from satellite data and are thus not only available for cycling and motorcycling but for all kinds of moving. A cycling computer is not necessary.

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Suppliers and prices

Specialist shops offer GPS mobile receivers from 140,- Euro onwards. The most well-known suppliers are Garmin and Magellan. These devices are described very detailed on the website of jedermann-gps.

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